Welcome To The DDC Self Register Process

This page will give you access to our online criminal record checking system, and allow you to create an account with us.

The organisation that has requested the check has provided us with a list of names, and a unique identifier for you. Please enter your name, your unique identifier and some other basic information, and we can match the details you enter against our list.

There are two pages in this self-registration system, including this page. The second page will ask you for some basic contact information. Please note that fields that have an asterisk are required.

Registration Form 1/2 - Initial Information

  • Identication code: This will be used to verify your eligibility.
  • Title: Where your preferred title is not available, please choose the most appropriate. Only the titles in the list are accepted by the DBS. This list is generated by the DBS as acceptable titles for use on the form.
  • Birth details: Please check these as they appear on your birth certificate. Enter Date of Birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  • Postcodes: UK addresses must have postcodes